Dedicated to Clients

“Progression IT  is a leading IT & Web Consulting company in the fast expanding market for enterprise-class open source. Open source means that the source of the code which has been used to make the program is available. Several licenses type are existing. The major one is the GPL. solutions.”

Open source & Linux
word Linux refers to several operating systems which are using the Linux kernel solutions.

We believe that open source softwares are bringing high quality and reliability to our clients. Progression itself is using ONLY open source tools for all its internal operations.

Web and Mail hosting

Our partnerships with data centers in Hong Kong make us be able to provide the solution adapted to your exact needs from simple basic hosting to cluster of dedicated servers.

Advanced web development with the Drupal
Drupal is a content management system ( CMSCMS = Content Management System

We provide web sites built upon Drupal. Contact us for quotation concerning your web sites, custom modules development or original design.

Web Referencing

We audit your web site to ensure that it is optimized for the search engines. Companies who are promising you a first rank on Google™ are just not honest as nobody can provide such a guarantee even if they know somebody at Google™. What can be done is optimization to ensure your site won’t have penalty in its scoring, enable good practices but we can’t make others speak about you and this is the way Google is using to provide a rank.

ERP and CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Progression IT provides you the tools you need to ensure an efficient management of documents and data accross your company. We build customized Intranet applications providing flexibility and exactitude to your needs.

IT Consulting

We guide you through smart choices about how best to use the information technologies to meet your business scopes. Then we might implement and administer those solutions.