Our services include, but are not wholly limited to SEO and SEM. Now quite probably, you have heard about SEO, but you may not have heard of SEM or if you have done, you may still be a little confused as to what it is.

Allow us to give a short description as to what SEO and SEM stand for and what we as a company can do.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and to put it briefly, it is how a website displays on internet searches, This is seen as an ‘organic’ search. Of course, you will be wanting your site to appear at the top of the page or as close as possible. But there are thousands of pages of sites out there, all competing with yours to even get onto the first page of a Google search.

If this daunting task seems a little too much for you to fathom, then this is where we could help you. With our expert knowledge we can offer tips and pointers on your website, to ensure that its content is good and the site is well linked, to best aid your chances on the search engine rankings.

But first, a few words about what SEM is.


SEM stands for search engine marketing. This is a somewhat wider concept than SEO, as SEM basically is a tool to sell your website to interested parties. It is, in other words, advertising.

This, in the form of sponsored links, can help attract people who are already searching for your type of business or service, to reach it.

We can help you achieve both SEO and SEM success and increase your flow of traffic, and hopefully sales, or contracts as a direct result.

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