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How Seo Can Help Your Business

You run a local business, that is prominent in your local area. You already have a visible presence, perhaps on your high street. You think you don’t really need a website at all or if you do, you definitely don’t need the help of SEO to promote it. But you most certainly do.

You might be surprised to learn that 90% of internet users, at one time or another, have done a search online for a local shop or service.

seo-cycleIn fact Google reckon that up to 20% of all searches done are pertaining to something local to where the user is based. 43% of search engine users are actively seeking amenities or businesses near to where they live. A massive 82% of these searches end up in a real life visit to either the shop or business in question, or a further investigation of it – for example a phone call. And 61% of all searches for goods or services based in the locale result in a sale!

Now that is a result that you and your enterprise might be interested in. But of course, to achieve that in the first place, you have to start by getting your site and business visible on line. It is no longer enough simply to have some sort of website, but it also has to be easily found by your client base.

This is where SEO comes in. The sad fact is that if your website is not on the first page of a search conducted by a search engine, it may as well not exist. Gone are the days when your clients could reach you easily by simply picking up the phone book, and increasingly, it is no longer enough to have a badly designed, poorly maintained website that looks as if it was created out of one of Dali’s nightmares.

seo-branchNowadays you need an up-to-date, modern website, that while it doesn’t have to be flash, communicates everything that you want it to do. It needs to work properly and come with easy links to all its pages.

Links are a subject worthy of greater understanding on their own. Put simply, your site needs external and internal links in it. Any site or product you mention on your site needs to be referenced and hyperlinked correctly. There is very much more to be said on this subject, but it is just one of the things that a SEO pro could sort out for you.

Likewise, with keywords. Some SEO companies merely focus on these, but they alone are not enough. Any SEO expert worth their salt knows there is far more to getting a webpage SEO friendly than this.

seo-companyIt also needs fresh content and well written copy. It needs to inform and even, occasionally entertain the reader, keeping them on the page and keeping them engaged with your business.

Similarly, it may also need an overhaul in the style and graphics department every now and again, just to keep it fresh and up to date. It is not only your readers and potential customers who will notice this, but also the search engines themselves.

And without them, you lose all your potential customers in a virtual mouse click.